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Sonntag, 4. September 2011

Swallenges in October!

What is a swallenge*? A crossover between a swap and a challenge! I have two lovely projects to offer in October and you can sign in for both NOW!


Collage Box4
Because the second collage box has vanished without a trace somewhere in the UK, I decided to start a new one.
It’s for all those who have been in the Collage Box #2 Project and for those, who have not been in any Collage Box Project so far.
Please do NOT sign up, if you have been into this project before (if you have signed in for #1 or #3).

What is the collage box?
It’s a box with 144 (12x12) snippets, cuttings and scraps for collage making, sent out by me, travelling all around the world. If it arrives at your home, you will take 12 items out of the box and put 12 from your stuff in again and send it on to the next one on the list.

You can learn about Box #1 here.

This sounds like fun? Right up your alley? Ok, then sign in at
(please let me know your mailing-adress when you sign in- thx)

Due date will be September, 30 or if we are 25 players (because otherwise the box would travel endlessly). Please do not sign in, if you will be on a long holiday (more than 3 weeks), because the box then will got stuck for too long.


Paper Swap October
And of course you can sign in for another paper swap. The theme is "Your every day paper".
Think of: newspaperpages, flyers, packages, ads, bills, receits, tickets, labels, things out of your always-at-hand-stacks....etc.
Make it playful! Make it fun!

As always: sign in at

*Thank you Seth for this great wordcreation!

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