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Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Paper Swap in 2012

Here you can see, what is about to come on Paper Swap 2012

January 2012 „Mother Goose’s studio“ (all around childhood things)

February 2012 Crazy swap (wait for more details)

March 2012 „A rose is a rose is a rose...“ Flowers, plants and trees

April 2012 „I wandered lonely as a cloud...“ Poetry, Lyrics and wordart

May 2012 „Shine thru“ (tissues, napkins, translucent papers)

June 2012 „Sisterhood is powerful“ (women issues on paper)

Summer break in July/August (Quick swaps may be likely :))

September 2012 Junk Journals

October 2012
ATCs and other cards (postcards, playing cards, oracle cards)

November 2012 Bundles

December 2012 Yummy paper (food related paper, food motives, food packages

And for the rest of the year, you can now sign up for:

November, 7 2011: „Round and around“ (Circles, spots and dots)

December, 5 2011
: „What ever that does mean?!“ Signs, pictographs, symbols

Remember: You can sign in for the whole year, if you want to, just let me know. Please make sure you are not on holiday for weeks!

You can also sign up for the „Everyday paper“-Swap on October, 3. Please sign up NOW.
And there are 5 places left for the collage box. But I will close it tomorrow, so please be quick! Thanks!

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