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Samstag, 10. September 2011

Paper Swap History

Paper Swap March Ange's things1
The October Swap „Every day papers“ will be the 20th Paper Swap. I’ve started this project two years ago, in October 2009.
I wanted a swap that was simple, easy to made, not too expensive and for everyone. I wanted something to connect people all over the world.
Paper Swap Lumilyon
During the last two years paper swap brought so much fun and is such a sign of generousity from people, no matter if they are from Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia, Australia or New Zealand.
There are some of you who never missed a swap, some are hopping on and off,  some made friends with the swaps, some only take part once in a lifetime, but we all got something out of it in the end.
Paper Swap Lee
And I promise, I will continue this lovely experience through the year 2012. There will be ten wonderful new themes and at least three quick swaps in between. I will let you know the new themes in October 2011 with the start of the next swap.

But let us take a look back first.

It all started with:
Paper Swap in October 2009 (with a thanks to lovely Jacky from Australia, who was my first swap partner ever)
Followed by:
Tags in November 2009 (a big hug goes out to Jilly from NYC- thank you dear!)
Cards in January 2010 (I can never thank you enough for all your lovely gifts, Seth, NYC again)
Crazy Swap in February 2010 (It was so much fun, Patty from the USA)
ABC and numbers in March 2010 (Merci et bisous to Ange from France)
Mini Books in April 2010 (I still use them, your lovely mini books, Cynnie from Germany)
Colors in May 2010 (Thank you, Lisa from New Zealand)
Art failures in June 2010 (Great stuff, thank you Deb, USA)
Vintage in September 2010 (Hugs to you, siostra, Eliza from Poland)
Embellishment in October 2010 (No swap for me this time)
Mail and postage in November 2010 (again no swap for me)
Wrapping and boxes in December (Thank you so much, Erin, I love your stuff!)
Fresh start in January 2011 (no swap for me)
Magazines and newspapers in February 2011 (Thanks to June in Singapore!)
Scavenger hunt in March 2011 (This was fun, Carolyn from the UK and Jamie from the USA)
Scripts & Scribbles in April 2011 (Robert from the USA, you really made my day with your sendings! And Laurie, USA too, it was like xmas!)
Paper back swap in May 2011 (I missed this one)
Culture and events in June 2011 (This was fun! Thanks Laura from Vermont, USA)
Wild at art in September 2011 (Waiting for the sendings from my partner Fran in the USA)

And soon to come:
Every day papers in October 2011
Circles, spots and dots in November 2011
Signs, pictogramms, symbols in December 2011

You can sign in for the rest of the year, if you feel like it. You never tried? Give it a go! Just contact me on

I want to thank all who have made this such a flowing and lovely project over the years! You are wonderful! I am looking forward to have you in!!!

PS: Is there any special theme you want to try? Any fresh ideas? Any suggestions? Anything you want to re-do? Just let me know!


  1. It is YOU dear LaWendula that we have to thank for connecting heARTs all around the globe all for the Love of paper and creativity!

    I tip my hat to you and send you BIG BIG hugs from Virginia USA

  2. Wonderful, wonderful and oh so much fun! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. If you get a chance, check out my latest blog post. http://artfuldreamerdotblogspotdotcom/2011/09/paper-anyone.html

  3. You have created something special here and seeing the review makes me realize even more how much work you have put into this. I really enjoyed the swaps I was involved with and wish I had more time to join in again.

  4. is it two years already?
    dearest Sister, our Swaps make my month each time. yes, I made friends thanks to them (thanks to YOU), I learned a lot, too - it's always fascinating to see bits & pieces of another person's reality. so many memories here - e.g. during one of the Swaps I found my method to shut my inner critic up. ;)

    my favourites so far were numbers & letters and art failures. and also scavenger hunt which surprised me - I never knew I could find strict rules so exciting. ;) I wouldn't mind doing it again.
    anyway, thank you ever so much for connecting us all! I'm so happy to be part of this exeprience.


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