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Freitag, 30. September 2011

The collage box #4 is ready for take-off now

Tomorrow I will send it out, the collage box #4.
It will find its way to 21 players all around the world. First Poland, then the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, South Africa and the USA.

I will let you know, when it's your turn to send it on and you will get an e-mail from me with the adress for the next stop.

I hope this will be fun for you all and I am looking forward to see what everyone makes of it!

And this is the order of sending:

1. Dorota
2. Michelle
3. Gosia
4. Katarzyna
5. Monica
6. Judith
7. Christian
8. Angelika
9. Renate
10. Karen
11. Sally
12. Barbara
13. Kate
14. Laura
15. Beth
16. Sharmon
17. Mariana
18. Sarala
19. Catonya
20. Nicole
21. Rebeca
22. Tammy

Have a great time with the box!

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