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Attention! Holiday Break. The next swap will be starting on September, 1st 2018.

Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

New swaps in 2014

It was a great swaping year and we had so much fun!

So here we go again and this will be the 5th year of paper swaping with a lovely free spirit swap in November!

If you'd like to join, by all means do, just send me an e-mail to

Themes for 2014

January                              “Everyone is a little gaga” (Weird, odd, strange, alien, extraordinary and eccentric pix and stuff)

February                                          "Crazy swap" (The annual fun!)

March                                “Beauty in everything” (look for the hidden beauty in pictures and stuff)

April                                  “Birds of a feather” (Everything about pairing, friendship, two of a kind)

Spring & summer break, with quick swaps in July and August

September                         “I’m every woman” (pictures of women thru the years and all over the world)

October                             When autumn leaves start to fall“ (everything about fall and autumn)

November                         5 years of paper swap!!! Free spirit swap

December                          “50 words for snow” (All around snow, ice and winter)

Attention! I will be in London during the whole month of May, so no May and June swap this year, but nice quick swaps in between!

Much love, FM

Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Paper swap in November- 4 years of paper swap!!!

We are celebrating 4 years of Paper Swap this month! What a great fun! Thank you all who have made this such a wonderful experience!
Sign in now for the next Paper Swap, starting on November, 4 2013.

It’s about the great 4- the seasons, the elements, the cardinal points, whatever comes in four.

If you are new to paper swap please read the 10 golden rules.

Happy gathering,


Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Paper Swap in October

All you need is love-love is all you need!

Paper swap october

Don't miss this swap that comes straight from the heart.

Start (as always) on the first Monday of October 2013.

You can sign in now.

Love, FM

Montag, 12. August 2013

Ready for new swaps?

Well, ready when you are. We have some great new themes in the second half of 2013.

September 2013                Eyecatcher (sensational papers and “wow” stuff)

October 2013                    Love is all you need (all around love)

November 2013                The great 4 (Seasons, elements etc.)

December 2013                 Birds, bees and butterflies

So let's start with Paper Swap in September. You can sign in now!

Paper Swap September

The theme is: "Eyecatcher". You can gather everything that is a "wow"paper to you, bold, nice, colourfull, extreme, amazing, heartbreaking, unforgettable, intriguing, inspirational, thoughtprovoking papers & ephemera.
Happy hunting!

Sign in via e-mail please.

Looking forward to have YOU in!

xox FM

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

Summer break

Wishing you all a very joy- and artful summer! There is a quick swap for all those who can't get enough of trading with friendly artists from all over the world. It will start in July, please sign in now! The next swap is in September. I will put it up by August. Stay well everyone!

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Last swap before summer break

Please sign in now for my "free spirit" Swap in June. June Paper Swap You can collect whatever you want, as long as it is on or made of paper. Please send me an e-mail: This is the last swap before summer vacation in July and August. But there will be a quick swap in July. Stay tuned.

Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Next Swap: May 2013

Please feel inspired to sign in now for the May swap: Vintage rules.

May Swap 2013
You can exchange all kinds of vintage stuff.
Start: May, 6 2013
Use: for signing up.

Happy gathering!

Thanks Tammy for the vintage family photo.

Montag, 4. März 2013

The 10 golden rules for paper swaping

Here are 10 ways to make paper swap a more joyful experience for everyone!
Hier sind 10 Möglichkeiten um Paper Swap zu einer schöneren Erfahrung  für alle zu machen.

1. Always sign up via, not only in a blog/Flickr comment, please.
Bitte schreibt euch immer über meine e-mail Adresse bei gmail ein, nicht nur als Blog/Flickr-Kommi.

2. It’s always a good idea to start collecting papers the moment you have signed in for the swap. It gives you more time to add nice stuff and the sending will go more quickly afterwards. (Please have in mind, that sending mails to oversea’s countries can take 3 weeks or more!)
Always send something that’s typical for your country/area and can’t be bought anywhere else. (It can be anything, a magazine page, a flyer, a postcard, some of your own art….)
Es ist immer eine gute Idee, sofort mit dem Sammeln der Papiere zu beginnen, so habt ihr mehr Zeit schönes Zeugs zu finden und das Versenden geht hinterher auch schneller. (Bitte nicht vergessen, das Verschicken nach Übersee kann 3 Wochen und mehr in Anspruch nehmen.)
Schickt bitte immer etwas Regiontypisches, daß man sonst woanders nicht bekommt (Zeitschriftenseite, Flyer, Postkarte, etwas Selbstgemachtes etc.).

3. Try to contact your partner asap after you have got the pairing lists.
Avoid using the phrase „swap partner“ in the reference line of your e-mail, for it may land in the spam folder. Please check your spam folder from time to time, especially German participants may have the problem, that their accounts automatically sort out e-mails in foreign languages.
Versucht so schnell wie möglich eure Swap Partner zu kontaktieren.
Vermeidet den Ausdruck “Swap partner” in der Betreffzeile eurer e-mail oder sie wird vermutlich im Spam Ordner landen. Bitte den Spam Ordner immer regelmäßig checken, oft sortieren die Filter der Mailaccounts englisch sprachige Mails sowieso schon als Spam aus.

4. Correspond with your swap partner about how much to send, special wishes, likes and dislikes, for it may prevent both from disappointment.  It would be ever so nice if you send a quick note to let your partner know you have sent out. If you have a blog, a Flickr/Tumblr/pinterest account, please share it to learn more about each other.
Einigt euch per e-mail vorher darauf, wieviel ihr schickt, ob spezielle Wünsche vorhanden sind oder was ihr gar nicht mögt, um Enttäuschungen zu verhindern.
Besonders nett ist eine kurze e-mail, wenn ihr es rausgeschickt habt. Wenn ihr euch gegenseitig eure Blog/FLickr/Tumblr etc. Adressen schickt, könnt ihr noch mehr übereinander erfahren.

5. Never send anything, that might be forbidden in other countries.
No soil, no animal skins, no seeds, no perfume, no unknown fibers (esp. to Australia).
Please make sure that your papers are always clean and dry.
Schicke niemals etwas, das in anderen Ländern verboten ist. Keine Erde, keine Tierhäute, kein Saatgut, kein Parfum, keine unbekannten Fasern (besonders nicht nach Australien).
Bitte schickt nur sauberes, trockenes Papier.

6. Please always make sure that everything is packed up safely for what might be a very long journey. Tape it twice or more, to make sure, nothing will fall out, especially to South Africa.
I know artful envelopes are great, but mail will be quicker and safer, when it’s plain.
Bitte sorgt immer für eine besonders sorgfältige Verpackung, lieber alles nochmal mit Klebeband sichern, besonders nach Südafrika.
Kunstvoll gestaltete Umschläge sind wundervoll, aber es ist sicherer und schneller mit einem einfachen Umschlag.

7. Please let your partner know, that everything has arrived safe and sound.
Showing it on your blog or on Flickr would be a very nice gesture. There is a Flickr Group for paper swappers.
Bitte laßt eure Partnerin wissen, daß alles gut angekommen ist. Ein Foto von dem Geschickten auf Blogs etc. hochzuladen ist eine besonders nette Geste.

8. If there are any problems with anything, please contact me. We will find a solution!
Wenn es mit irgendwas ein Problem gibt, schreibt mich an. Wir finden eine Lösung!

9. Please spread the fun! Tell your friends about paper swap and send my bloglink on to them. They might love it too! Everyone is welcome!
Bitte erzählt euren FreundInnen von Paper Swap und ladet sie dazu ein. JedeR ist willkommen!

10. Please help me to make paper swap better! Write to me your opinion, ideas and solutions for problems or share your experience in general! I love to hear from you!
Bitte helft mir, Paper Swap zu verbessern, alle Ideen, Meinungen, Lösungen oder grundsätzliche Erfahrungen sind willkommen. Ich freue mich, von euch zu hören!

Last, not least: Paper Swap is no political blog, BUT, it's an international project to connect people. As such it is about reaching a hand, tolerance and political correctness.
I, myself and the things I do are strictly against racism, sexism and other disfunctional tendencies of our modern society. So I have the strong believe, that Trump voters and devotees of other right-wing politicians and groups should look elsewhere for sharing their papers and artworks. Thanks for your understanding.

Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Paper Swap in March

Our next topic is simplicity.

Paper Swap March 2013

Think of paper as a basic material to be creative. Think of images that are calm and peaceful. Warm, soothing colours. No patterns. Think Zen. Think Wabi Sabi.

Sign in if you want to share some papers with friends from all over the world.

We also have a quick swap on March, 21, if you want to play the smaller version of it.

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

The Collage Box #4 is back!

Oh what a relief! The box #4 has really made it (#2 and 3 got lost, unfortunately) all around the world and back to me!I was so happy to receive it from Tammy (adding a lovely chocolate too- thanks, dear!) on January, 12.
  The box is back!
The fun has started on October, 1st 2011. 
This was, what I had put in. 144 bits and pieces to choose from.
What I had sent out 1: Collage Box Project #4
What I had sent out 2

Some in- and outtakes:
 Angelika (Germany)

 Kasia (Poland):

Michelle (Poland)

Everyone did such great things inside the sign up book too! Lovely Mini Collages!
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (Poland)

From South Africa to New York in the States:
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (from South Africa to New York)

Inside the USA:
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (USA)
 Sign in book for the Collage Box 4

And finally:
It came back filled to the brim with lovely paper stuff from all over the world.
 What was in the box when it came back to me

So thank you, everyone, you really did a great job!!!

You can read more about the start of the project here.

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Crazy Swap 2013

Crazy Swap 2013

Time for the annual Crazy Swap. 

And this is how it works: Take an envelope and go through your house from room to room. Look thru all the papers you’ve got and collect everything that could be fun and turned into art. Think crazy! Look at food packages, flyers, spam mail, newspapers, scraps and cut off from magazines and catalogues, receits, bills, tickets, ephemera of all kind, old school books, vintage stuff from the attic. Be wild! Be eccentric! And enjoy!

Any questions? Send me an e-mail!
Wanna sign in! E-mail me!