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Montag, 14. Januar 2013

The Collage Box #4 is back!

Oh what a relief! The box #4 has really made it (#2 and 3 got lost, unfortunately) all around the world and back to me!I was so happy to receive it from Tammy (adding a lovely chocolate too- thanks, dear!) on January, 12.
  The box is back!
The fun has started on October, 1st 2011. 
This was, what I had put in. 144 bits and pieces to choose from.
What I had sent out 1: Collage Box Project #4
What I had sent out 2

Some in- and outtakes:
 Angelika (Germany)

 Kasia (Poland):

Michelle (Poland)

Everyone did such great things inside the sign up book too! Lovely Mini Collages!
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (Poland)

From South Africa to New York in the States:
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (from South Africa to New York)

Inside the USA:
Sign in book for the Collage Box 4 (USA)
 Sign in book for the Collage Box 4

And finally:
It came back filled to the brim with lovely paper stuff from all over the world.
 What was in the box when it came back to me

So thank you, everyone, you really did a great job!!!

You can read more about the start of the project here.


  1. Oh, great! Great to see it all together!

  2. GREAT!!! ♥ Thank you! It was so much fun! :-)

  3. That is fantastic that it made it through its journey. Amazing!

  4. Wow, what those papers have seen...

  5. I'm so happy that it made its way back to you. What an amazing selection of papers you have to play with now!!

  6. this was my first paper swap. it was fun.
    did you get all NEW papers? or did some of the original papers you put in come back to you?


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