Next swap

Attention! Holiday Break. The next swap will be starting on September, 1st 2018.

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Swap Plan for the year 2017

Here are the swaps and projects for the year 2017 as planned so far. (Changes can be likely)

January                      normal swap

February                    normal swap and Postcard Project 1 will start

March                        normal Swap

April                          normal Swap

Mai                            normal Swap (with a delay of 2-3 days due to holiday)

June                            Quick swap and Postcard Project 2 will start

July                             Quick swap

August                        Quick swap  and Brown Paper Bag "Blue things" will start

September                   Normal Swap

October                       Normal Swap

November                   Normal Swap and Postcard Project 3 will start

December                   Normal Swap

You will learn more about the Postcard Projects and the Brown Paper Bag nearer the time.

If you want to be in one (or more) of the swaps, please send me an e-mail:

Looking forward to hear from you! New swapers are always welcome!

Dienstag, 22. November 2016

December swap

Our December swap will start after a short delay on 12-3 or 12-4.

So you can still sign in.

Just contact me:

Dienstag, 1. November 2016

The Postcard Swap

I am happy to report that this was great fun and the feedback was good. So I will definitely do this again and put up another Postcard Swap in 2017. And you can of course sent out more cards during the next weeks, if you want.

This is what I have received:

Postcard Swap

Thank you Marina,Sherry, Melissa, Tanja, Mira, Shelly, Myriam and Mary!

And these are 4 of 7 I have sent.

 Postcard Swap 4 of mine

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

Seven years of paper swap

Seven years ago I started Paper Swap with the only intention to exchange artful papers and get to know more artists around the world. I had never thought that I would do this every single month since then (except for summer break). And it is still fun!

 7 years of paper swap

Maybe you want to share that fun? If so, please sign up for the next paper swap. You can even win a small surprise envelope, cause this will also be a giveaway.

Would love to hear from you. Just sign in at:

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

The Brown Paper Bag is back again!

Brown Paper Bag

Thank you everyone! This was great fun and it's filled to the brim with very nice papers and extra goodies!

 The Brown Paper Bag (inside)

I will definitely turn back to this project for a second time, maybe next year.
For all who missed it: let me know if you are interested and I'll keep you posted.

Sonntag, 28. August 2016

Where I am and where I want to be- the postcard project

Postcard Grace is the only power

Welcome to a new project. It’s about art, communication, creativity, fun and connection.
The great thing is, you can make as many postcards as you like and can send them to more than one person. Of course you also can only make one. But maybe you will have a creative flow, once you have started. Another great thing is: It’s cheap, because you only have the mailing costs for a postcard.

This is how to do it:
Take a blank cardboard or a piece of paper in a postcardsize (at least 10x15 cm) and create some kind of artwork on it. It can be anything you like, a drawing, a collage, a painting, printing, mixed media art etc..Anything that can be send out later. (Very much like an ATC)
On the flipside you write the address and the answer to two questions:
Where are you now? (Describe the place where you are right now, what is it like? How do you feel about it?)
Where would you love to be? (Describe your dream place, which can be real or unreal, on earth or somewhere else)
The artwork on the postcard can relate to the real or the dream place, but it’s no must. Do as you feel it is right for you.
Don’t forget to write the sender on the card.
Browse through the list of addresses and send one postcard to one of these participants (or more cards to more participants). 


If you get one (or more) postcard(s) from the other players, let them know via e-mail, that you’ve received it. Maybe you like to start an exchange about places to live and places to dream of with the one who has sent or received the card.

The project will start on October, 1st, please sign in now. Send your mailing address to
On the starting date I will all send you the list with the addresses, so everyone can choose one or more ladies to send the postcard to.

 Card 1

Any questions? Just let me know!

Montag, 22. August 2016

Summer break is over

Hi everyone!

The next paper swap will start on September, 1st.

If you want to join, please send an e-mail to

Love to hear from you!

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

Summer break

As usual there will be a summer break in June, July and August with two quick swaps in between.

So the next swap you can sign in for is on June, 1st and the other on August 1st. You can sign in for both now. Every one who has signed in for the whole year will automatically a part of it , unless I hear from you.

Quick swap means: small letter envelope. Please make the most of it. Send real gems and great art, not just any stuff you get your hands on. Make it art- and beautiful. 

The next "normal" full size swap will be on September, 1st. 

Any questions? Wanna be in? Contact me:

Have a great time!

Donnerstag, 10. März 2016

Spring Swaps

Everyone is welcome to join one or both of the spring paper swaps, starting on April, 1st and May, 1st.

New to paper swap? Please read the 10 golden rules. Thx.

Please send an e-mail to

Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

Happy new year!

May 2016 be a creative and inspiring year for us all, with lots of fun in the exchange of papers and art.

Please feel free to sign in for the brown paper bag project (see last posting). There is still enough room!

The next swap will start on February, 1st. If you want to be in, drop me a line. Every paper lover is welcome!

I'm afraid shipping coasts will increase all over the world. So please do not send "tons" of papers and keep it a bit more light and small. I don't want anyone to spend a fortune on mailing.

Hugs from FM