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The next swap will start in November 2019.

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Swap Plan for the year 2017

Here are the swaps and projects for the year 2017 as planned so far. (Changes can be likely)

January                      normal swap

February                    normal swap and Postcard Project 1 will start

March                        normal Swap

April                          normal Swap

Mai                            normal Swap (with a delay of 2-3 days due to holiday)

June                            Quick swap and Postcard Project 2 will start

July                             Quick swap

August                        Quick swap  and Brown Paper Bag "Blue things" will start

September                   Normal Swap

October                       Normal Swap

November                   Normal Swap and Postcard Project 3 will start

December                   Normal Swap

You will learn more about the Postcard Projects and the Brown Paper Bag nearer the time.

If you want to be in one (or more) of the swaps, please send me an e-mail:

Looking forward to hear from you! New swapers are always welcome!

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