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Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

New swaps in 2014

It was a great swaping year and we had so much fun!

So here we go again and this will be the 5th year of paper swaping with a lovely free spirit swap in November!

If you'd like to join, by all means do, just send me an e-mail to

Themes for 2014

January                              “Everyone is a little gaga” (Weird, odd, strange, alien, extraordinary and eccentric pix and stuff)

February                                          "Crazy swap" (The annual fun!)

March                                “Beauty in everything” (look for the hidden beauty in pictures and stuff)

April                                  “Birds of a feather” (Everything about pairing, friendship, two of a kind)

Spring & summer break, with quick swaps in July and August

September                         “I’m every woman” (pictures of women thru the years and all over the world)

October                             When autumn leaves start to fall“ (everything about fall and autumn)

November                         5 years of paper swap!!! Free spirit swap

December                          “50 words for snow” (All around snow, ice and winter)

Attention! I will be in London during the whole month of May, so no May and June swap this year, but nice quick swaps in between!

Much love, FM

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