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The next swap will be a Big Swap, starting on February, 1st.

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018

Paper Swap in 2019

I am happy to say, that I will celebrate my 10th anniversary  in November 2019.

As for 2019 I have decided to make

4 big swaps, which means big envelope (20x30 cm or 8x11 inches)
4 quick swaps, which means small letter envelope (10x14 cm or 4x5.8 inches)
1 brown paper bag (filled with „odd paper stuff“, everything that is strange, special, mysterious, intriguing, outlandish, weird)
1 postcard swap- free theme 

So here how it will be going from month to month:

January   Quick Swap

February  Big Swap

March   Brown Paper Bag

April     Quick Swap

May   Big Swap

June & July   Summer break 

August  Big Swap 

September  Postcard Exchange

October  Quick Swap

November   Big Swap

December  Quick Swap

If you want to be in one of them, please contact me via e-mail at You can also sign in for the whole year. If you want to be in the January quick swap, please sign in soon.

Happy winter days, FM

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