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Donnerstag, 13. April 2017

Swap, Quick Swap and Postcard Swap: May and June

So here is what you can take part in for the month of May and June 2017:

1. The normal paper swap 
As usual, free spirit, no theme, send and receive lovely things to lovely people from other countries. You can sign in now.

2. Postcard Swap in June

Our theme this time is “Time flies”. So it’s all about time and its going by. You can make any art and do anything you want, as long as it is sendable on a postcard.

Or more precisely:
Take a blank cardboard or a piece of paper in a postcardsize (at least 10x15 cm) and create some kind of artwork on it. It can be anything you like, a drawing, a collage, a painting, printing, mixed media art etc..Anything that can be send out later. (Very much like an ATC)

Sign in now!

3. Quick swap

There will be a quick swap in June which means sending a normal letter envelope full of paper goodies. 

Sign in for one or two or all via e-mail:

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