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Sonntag, 4. November 2012

The junk journal swap

I am happy to introduce my junk journal, made only of the paper "junk" my paper swap partner Karen has sent to me. This was so much fun!

For larger view, please klick on the show and see it on Flickr. 

Thanks a lot, Karen!

 And what about you? Let me see yours, if you have been in the project!


  1. It's wonderful. I love all the paint and it's fun to see little bits of one of the larger pages I sent and try to recognize the source. This was such a great idea for a swap. thanks for hosting (and for being my partner!)

  2. LOVE it - you aways make collages with such abandon. I posted a few images from my art journal using papers from this swap on my blog. this was my favorite one:

  3. Your work is inspirational and beautiful!

  4. I do so love your collages. And seeing them page after page in a book is even better.


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