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The Brown Paper Bag will start on March 1st.

Samstag, 29. September 2012

Swaps to come in 2013

It's 3 years now of continuing swaping and it still is a great fun.

So here are the new swap themes for 2013.

January 2013 Small treasures (Paper Inchies, small pix, details of art etc.)

February 2013 Crazy swap

March 2013 Simplicity (less is more, images and papers that are plain and beautiful)

 April 2013 Put a smile on my face (papers that make you smile, happiness in papers)

 May 2013 Vintage rules (all kinds of old paper stuff)

June 2013 Free spirit (choose whatever you want)

 Summer break

September 2013 Eyecatcher (sensational papers and “wow” stuff)

October 2013 Love is all you need (all around love)

November 2013 The great 4 (Seasons, elements etc.)

December 2013 Birds, Bees and Butterflies  

Changes maybe likely!

If you want to be in, just send me an e-mail. You can also sign up for the whole year. 


  1. Hello, my dear FM. I owe a Children's swap to my partner last January and cannot remember her name. I had to switch to a new email after Jud died. I am so oitmof the loop but would lobe to get with this dear woman and arrange a swap. All of my computer records were taken from me. Long story. Do you have a record? I would love to do this and I agreed to get back to her
    Ater. I just did not know it would ne this later!
    Big hugs,

  2. Sorry,
    My new email is

    1. Hi Suz, hope you've got my e-mail, please confirm! xox

  3. I would love to participate in all the swaps. Let me know when and where.


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