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Sign in now for the new Brown Paper Bag! Start March, 1st 2020

Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2020

Time for a new Brown Paper Bag

This time we have no special topic, just take an add whatever you want, as long as it's papermade.

And this is how it works:
You'll sign up via e-mail and I put you on a list with your mailing adress.
On March 1st I will send out the paper bag, filled with 144 (12x12) paper oddities. When it arrives at your place, you can take up to 12 pieces out of the bag, add 12 things from your gatherings, then send it on to the next one on the list. At last the bag will be returned to me and I will have my pick.
It's time again for the Brown Paper Bag!
This is limited to 20 participants, so sign in soon.

Please make sure to give me your mailing adress when signing up. Please do only sign up via e-mail to me.

Update: We are 25 now, so I have decided to send around 2 bags. Now be quick, there is still room, but....

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