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Sonntag, 25. August 2019

The Brown Paper Bag is back!!!

And at last the Brown Paper Bag has returned back to me. I will keep the project alive during next year. It’s not much work, but much joy.
Amazing, it’s always the same amount of sent items that come back to me at the end, 10%.
Amazing too, that there are many images, I thought they will be gone first, but they travel around the world and nobody wanted them, like poor Marina Abramoviç.

Brown Paper

Brown Paper

Thank you all, you made this a fun project!

As always I will let random decide who will be winning the whole bunch and this time it’s Beth- congratulations! Will be sending out soon!

If you want to be in next year in spring 2020, just let me know soon. Write me an e-mail with your mailing adress.

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