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The Brown Paper Bag will start on March 1st.

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2018

Holiday break

The Paper Swap in May has now started. I hope we all will have a great experience with this new kind of swap.

As for the next three month: I will take a break. So unlike in the list of swaps for 2018 announced, there will be no swaps in June, July and August this year.
I apologize for any inconvinience this might cause.

Our next swap is on September, 1st.

Here are the swaps for 2018:

Sept                 Artful Snail Mail (Letter: “A day in my life”)

Oct                  Big Swap

Nov                 Quick Swap (Theme: Words and numbers)

Dec                 Postcard Swap (Theme: Winter cosiness)

The brown paper bag is on its way round the world, moving on through the USA now, before it will fly back to Europe. 

Have a lovely spring & summer time!

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