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Attention! Holiday Break. The next swap will be starting on September, 1st 2018.

Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Swaps in 2018

There will be some changes in 2018.

We have only 4 big swaps a year now- big swap means: take a big envelope and fill it up. You can exchange what ever you like, as long as it is paper.

We also have 4 quick swaps- which means small letter envelopes and these 4 are theme related. (see list)

We also have 3 art/paper exchange projects, like the Brown Paper Bag, the Artful Snail Mail Letter* Exchange and the Postcard Swap.

And we have a special Swap, where you can decide, if you want to only send, only receive or both. In this special swap you can also exchange with more than one person.*

Jan                         Big Swap

Feb                         Quick Swap (Theme: Details)

March                   Brown Paper Bag (Monochrome)

April                       Big Swap

May                       “Send, Receive or both” Swap*

June                       Quick Swap (Theme: Flora & Fauna= Plants and Animals)

July                        Big Swap

August                   Quick Swap

Sept                       Artful Snail Mail (Letter: “A day in my life”)*

Oct                         Big Swap

Nov                        Quick Swap (Theme: Words and numbers)

Dec                        Postcard Swap (Theme: Winter cosiness)

*more infos soon

I hope that some “fresh air” will do paper swap good. But what we need the most is new players.

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