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Dienstag, 17. November 2015

The box is back!

Happy news from the Uplifting Collage Box.

It started its trip around the world in May 2015 und has now arrived back here.

The box is back

I am so glad, it made its way round! This is box No. 5, two have made it, two have gone lost.

144  pieces of paper have been originally sent out and 144 came back! 30 of those have been in it from the start.
Thank you so much everyone who has sent this on! You've all done a great job!

Unfortunately somebody has taken out the (folding) box. Please return it to me, I need it for further projects! Thx.

I will put up another one in the beginning of 2016. The theme will be earth tones. You want to be in?
Sign up now! Start will be in January. But there will be more infos coming soon.

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