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The Brown Paper Bag will start on March 1st.

Samstag, 7. März 2015

Two new art challenges and exchanges- PLEASE SIGN IN SOON!

As you know, this year we have a longer break in our paper swap rounds, so from April-July there are no swaps, BUT there will be two new and –I hope- intriguing and exciting projects, YOU can join now.

  1. The first one will start on 15-5-2015 and it’s called “The uplift box”.

It’s a bit like the old collage box thing (some of you may remember), but slightly different. The box will start from here, filled with 144 (12x12) scraps, images, cut-outs from my piles of magazines and art stuff. You will take from it and add to it and send it on.
Then you create a postcard with the material to send it on as an uplift for someone in need.

If you want to participate, you’ll have to sign in with your full name and mailing address.
You can sign up any time til May 1st. The box will be sent out round May, 15th  2015.

This project is for 20 persons only (or sending it round might take ages), so be quick!

For more infos please send an e-mail to

  1. The second one will start on July, 1st and is called “The question and answer oracle game”.

And this is how it works:

Everyone takes two blank cardboard pieces in the size of postcards and turns them into artful collages/artworks. One with a question on it, the other with an answer. It CAN be the answer to that question, but it doesn’t NEED to!

You can sign in now and start working on it, you have to be ready by July, 1st. Then everyone will send her question card to one participant and the answer card to another. I will make sure that in the end, everyone has got a question card and an answer card and that they both were from different persons.
So finally everyone has an artful oracle with a question and the random answer to it.

Sounds like fun? You can sign in now til June! Please sign in with your full name and your mailing address!

You can of course sign in for both. This is an obligation; please make sure, we can rely on you.

Questions? Just drop me a line!

Sign in via e-mail please, as always it’s

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